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Welcome to St. Paul City School!
St. Paul City School partners with families to prepare students to embrace their full potential and pursue higher education. We have a multicultural learning community passionately committed to the total development of every child.

  • Free Public Charter School
  • Free Busing ANYWHERE in St. Paul
  • Small class sizes
  • Respect and appreciation for diversity
  • Free breakfast and lunch program
  • Special Education and ELL services available
Enrollment for this School Year is currently still open, just click on Enroll at the top of the page.


If you wish for assistance in translating this message, please call Mai Zia for Hmong at 651-263-1998 or for Spanish, call Olga on 651-263-7357.

Yog koj tsis to taub daim ntawv no, thov hu rau Maiv Txiab ntawm 651-263-1998

Sí usted necesita asistencia para este mensaje por favor llame a Olga al 651- 263-7357.